gypsy love

this is what i wore last weekend when i hosted a $5 vintage sale in front of my house during midtown's monthly 'art walk.' the sale went really well, and it was fun sitting out on my front stoop all afternoon chatting with shoppers and passers-by.
i've kind of dubbed this my 'gyspy' skirt - especially since i usually pair it with mis-matching patterns, i believe this skirt belongs dancing about under stars and candlelight at a party like the one in chocolat.
maybe because i've been dreaming of this simple, colorful, fun lifestyle i call 'gypsy,' or more likely because some pretty major things are changing in my life right now, i have begun to hear the call of the road more persistently lately. after graduating college, i traveled around the west coast for six weeks, and then spent the next year flitting about rather insanely. now i'm getting the itch to go exploring by myself again, but, hopefully, with a more sensible head on my shoulders this time.
i've got to plan a little adventure for myself - at least i already know what to pack.
more things i'm looking forward to: crisper photos, less awkward poses, and the appearance of boots in these photos! i should have all three down by fall, which is only a month or two away! (summers here are loooooong.)

top: thrifted
skirt: thrifted
sandals: thrifted
belt: urban outfitters. dang! so close to 100% thrifted!


  1. that skirt is definitely amazing - and i can't get over how beautiful it looks with that top.

    in response to your last comment - yes! you summed it up perfectly. it's scary and exciting at the same exact time, but somehow that combination always seems to "produce" something - either mental growth or an actual tangible creation.
    i hear you about the traveling urge. i get that same way every time i'm going through something like this. use that motivation! go explore!!

    this time around (for me) i'm staying in tucson, but amber's coming to me, were moving into my favorite neighborhood, and i think her "fresh eye" will give tucson a whole new perspective to me.

    ps. if you find yourself in az on this adventure, you've got a place to stay in tucson!

  2. i personally like clashing prints in an ensemble. the colours worked very well together.

  3. Photos are lovely- but I don't blame you wanting to wear some boots, I am ready too!

  4. Are you from the 70s, are you Debra Winger's best friend? I love it.