it's still summer

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here we are, caught with a whole month of hot summer weather left, but all kinds of fall fashion photos floating around, and more frequent little glimpses of the cooler weather to come. we're already picking out the layers we can't wait to add on, but can't really even think of wearing that much clothing. when i go out shopping lately, i don't know what to buy for the shop -- it's kind of silly to still be picking out little sundresses for you, and i find myself gravitating towards the coats and boots. oh, the confusion!
so here's a little summertime picture that makes me happy i'm still sporting flimsy little dresses and lots of bare, tanned leg (i know i don't look at all tan in shop photos, but trust me, that's tan for me - i'm much whiter elsewhere!!)

also, please look at the 'reading list' on the right side of the page. it more than doubled today! i've been collecting all these blogs in my reader for way too long without adding their links. some i've been reading for months and months, others are pretty new to me. i really admire these girls for their designer's eyes, writing styles, and the beautiful pictures you'll find on their pages. check 'em out!

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  1. Its windet here right now, and I can't wait for summer! Not that it gets all that hot here though :(