this dress

yesterday i found the perfect dress. i knew immediately it would not be going into the shop. i even picked out one of my favorite dresses in my closet to substitute for this one because i felt so bad for keeping it.
but, alas, it will be going into the shop. because it doesn't fit.

life is so unfair sometimes.


  1. haha that must be small because you're tiny. it's SOO cute! another great find.

  2. this is a hilarious post because you have to scroll to find out it's too small which makes this like a little story, and although it's a sad one (at least for you), it's very cute.

  3. 1. i HATE it when that happens! it's almost like being 8 years old again and someone tells you you don't get christmas this year.

    2. i absolutely adore your haircut.

    3. your etsy shop is also fantastic.

    4. i think this officially makes me a "fan" :)

    5. i added you to the ol' blogroll. (see #4 if you're wondering why!)


  4. My goodness- that has to be a TINY dress because you look itty-bitty! I hate when that happens, too :(

  5. That dress is aDORable!! If it didn't fit you, it surely wouldn't fit me... durn. It's so, so cute!!