skunked again

have i mentioned how frustrating it is to be mere minutes behind a fellow vintage finder and to know that they just got everything that you would have picked had you just been there a little sooner?
when i got to the wall of dresses at my favorite secret shopping spot yesterday, i spotted a girl dressed head to toe in great vintage style working her way down the rack with an arm full of goodies. shopping today, i was just in time to see a team of vintage shoppers going through their full shopping cart of perfect 40s, 50s, and 70s pieces. i sped out of of that shopping center hoping to beat them to the next shop (which actually ended up working out quite well for me).
i read something the other day written in response to a complaint about the number of pickers out there that basically says, 'chill out - there's plenty to go around.' i'm trying to keep that in mind, remembering all the great scores i've made, while also vowing to start my days a little earlier so that i will be the one with the shopping cart full of lovely next time.
in the meantime, i'm starting to think that maybe i should just make my own vintage clothes. if i use vintage patterns, fabrics, and notions, i can have an unlimited supply of 50s blouses, 70s sundresses, and mod mini dresses.
here's what i wish i had found this morning, and if i can get my act together, what i could make for myself!

pattern from girl geek goodness

i want those shoes too! pattern here
pattern from my new favorite pattern shop zip zap kap

dress already sold by ramona west, but dying to be duplicated!

handmade dress at becky drolan, yum


70s wood platforms, yes

something's been growing on my mind the last couple of weeks... the love for ridiculously tall and heavy 70s wood platform sandals. i found a couple to covet on my etsy search last night, and anja's post today had a wonderful pair that have already sold on ebay -- you lucky girl that got them! i'm also loving this pair of clog platforms, but they're not quite tall enough. i want 4" at least, just for the sheer silliness of being a 5'10" chick in 4" heels. it's all about the outlandishness of it all.
what do you think?

featured on clever nettle

are you a size 6? go to dolly rocker vintage

you are size 6, but you like black better? how 'bout dolly rocker vintage

maybe you're a little more practical than i and want to ease into this thing... rocky mountain retro

oh, and the pair that started it all, these like-new zodiac wedges that i just added to the shop today. le sigh....


way cute for way little

my previous post today made me think i need a little closet inspiration so i sent myself on a fantasy shopping trip (yay!). i spent the first hour or so building a whole new wardrobe, but that is not what this post is about.
somehow i got the idea to search for the cutest cheapest things on etsy, and 187 pages later, i have compiled for you (and for me) the top 10 lovelies under $15, or the-best-freakin'-deals-ever-dealt.

70s floral print dress by decades $10

vegan red high heel sandals from ben michel vintage $12

picnic party dress from dahlila found $5 (FIVE DOLLARS!)

adorable black garden one piece from malie huffman $12

hippie flutter sleeve dress from vintage dress $12

50s plaid dress from charleen's closet $14.99

60s knit mini dress from emerald vintage $12.50

50s blue floral dress from vintage veronica $15

next on the list o' things to post... all the stuff i 'hearted' during my original search, and an ode to a new old favorite etsy seller.
i realize that most of the vintage i talk about here is from etsy, and i've been meaning to include some ebay and market publique shops, but the thing is, i'm really pretty confused on how to navigate those sites. but i am working on it. i can't be a vintage finder if i only look in one place now can i?

what i'm wearing

blogger buddies - i love seeing your outfit posts. it's so fun to see the pretty places you go and the lovely little outfits you put together. i even love the pictures you take in your homes, in the mirrors, or at arm's length. i would love to add that feature to this blog - i do have lots of yummy vintage hiding in my closet - but... it's too dang hot to get dressed!
so this is what i'm wearing, pretty much every day. i love my little uniform, but my creativity is basically on hold until photoshoot days. and in my dreams. (i come up with all kinds of amazing clothes while i'm sleeping. there's a fantasy vintage store i visit all the time, where i find all sorts of imaginary gems.)

racerback tank top: $6 at target
cutoff levi's shorty shorts: $3 thrifted
green amber necklace: gift from lucky friend who went to prague
my every-single-day belt: urban outfitters


san francisco vintage

on wednesday, i went down to san francisco to drop clothes off at ver unica, the beautiful shop in hayes valley with the best, most gorgeous gowns, day dresses and shoes. i wish the racks in there were actually the racks in my fantasy walk-in closet. there i spotted a couple of vintage found items from last month's drop, and there are now a few more lovelies for your buying pleasure. go, go, go.
while i was in town, i had to go back to haight street where last week, i found a new favorite vintage shop, static, just a couple blocks down from the mecca that is wasteland. the first time i was at static, i fell in love with this dress, a pretty pretty 50's day dress with a tribal print and my beloved v neckline in the front and the back.

this shop is way fun - great music playing, lime green walls, and tons and tons of shoes (have you noticed how i love me some shoes?) the selection is awesome too because they have a couple different buyers with different tastes so you're bound to find something you have to have.

and, after meeting with leann, who also sells around the corner at the other shop, you can also find a ton of vintage found here at ridiculously great prices!

tell me more great vintage shops to go to! even having lived in san francisco for a while, i still don't know them all!


excuses, excuses

i'm finding it pretty hard to keep up with the blog and the shop. they are both so time-consuming (in a good way, of course). i can't wait to figure out how to do both. and that is the plan. for sure.
i had coffee with a friend (a fellow etsy shop owner -- check out she hearts vintage p.s.) last weekend which got both of us totally inspired to step it up a notch. so this week i am adding almost 30 items, and she hearts is getting into the blogging world.
all these things (some of my favorites ever, although i know i think that every week) will be trickling into the shop this week.
and i will get back to the posting. i just haven't had any time to find vintage online since i've been bringing home loads of it live and in person! more soon, i promise.