san francisco vintage

on wednesday, i went down to san francisco to drop clothes off at ver unica, the beautiful shop in hayes valley with the best, most gorgeous gowns, day dresses and shoes. i wish the racks in there were actually the racks in my fantasy walk-in closet. there i spotted a couple of vintage found items from last month's drop, and there are now a few more lovelies for your buying pleasure. go, go, go.
while i was in town, i had to go back to haight street where last week, i found a new favorite vintage shop, static, just a couple blocks down from the mecca that is wasteland. the first time i was at static, i fell in love with this dress, a pretty pretty 50's day dress with a tribal print and my beloved v neckline in the front and the back.

this shop is way fun - great music playing, lime green walls, and tons and tons of shoes (have you noticed how i love me some shoes?) the selection is awesome too because they have a couple different buyers with different tastes so you're bound to find something you have to have.

and, after meeting with leann, who also sells around the corner at the other shop, you can also find a ton of vintage found here at ridiculously great prices!

tell me more great vintage shops to go to! even having lived in san francisco for a while, i still don't know them all!


  1. Thank you for the nice write-up Tracy, it was so nice to meet you. I love your style!
    Leann (from Static)

  2. Have you ever been to Hot Couture in Santa Rosa? There's not a huge shoe selection but the dresses are ah-mazing, I'd definitely recommend it if you're ever in the area. There's also another shop close by called Skirt Chaser Vintage that's newer and I haven't been there yet but I've been meaning to check it out.

  3. arrrg i dont know how to email you back it dosnt give me a return email address! lol