baby's first tag: the always and nevers

the lovely miss lauren at dear golden got me with a tag this morning (yes, lauren we love these things!) so here i am to tell you my always-es and my nevers. the five things in fashion i can't do without, and the five things you will never ever spy in my closet.

for always:
blue dresses
a skinny brown belt
purple tights (seriously. must be purple. purple tights have been in heavy rotation for 5 years and counting.)

for the picture to go with this post, i flickr searched 'blue dress flats summer' and found a match from one of my favorite wardrobe remixers, sherbettone. it is uncanny that this pic actually includes all of my always-es. she's even wearing the heidi braids that i would totally be rockin' were my hair long enough.

those shoes even look like the flats i've been wearing out since last summer. so, basically, this is a picture of me on any given day of the week, but with better hair.

not ever:
animal prints
bracelets (i've tried in the past, but i just don't like it)
acid wash - even if it is uber trendy right now

i thought about putting scrunchies on the list of nevers, but you already know that's a no-no. that's a freebie. i also thought about putting dreadlocks, but you never know....i think they look cool on some people. can't rule it out just yet.

now i must tag three others to play in our fun little game!
these shall be:
missa from thrift candy
amber and sasha at violet folklore
anja from clever nettle