diane, my love

i think this will be my one and only outfit post as i am highly uncomfortable taking pictures of myself on the front porch, but i had to show off this dress.
it's a diane von furstenberg knit dress from the 1970s and it was freakin' five dollars! i found it thrifting early in the morning yesterday. what else have i been missing by sleeping until 10 every day?
actually, this outfit is full of designer goods for ridiculous prices. it's my most expensive and my cheapest outfit all at once! the shades are 1970's christian dior ($20 on etsy), and the boots are 1970's frye, $4 (!!!!) at a salvation army. my underwear cost more than my dress, and my belt cost the most because it's from urban outfitters. kinda silly, isn't it?
a sweet old man stopped me in target to tell me he liked my outfit. i wonder if it's because i was dressed the way his wife might have dressed 35 years ago.


  1. so awesome! post more outfits! get over the weirdness, i did! it was totally strange at first, but i am into it, and you will be too! i want to see what you are wearing dammit! :)

  2. You look great! I absolutely love that dress and those boots. What a steal!

    What's funny is that I got stopped in Target once, TOO, by a little old lady who liked my outfit. I was in head-to-toe 50s, so I bet I was wearing an outfit similar to what she wore at my age!

  3. I just had to tell you that I have that same dress and wear it with boots just like yours. I saw this picture and gaped open mouthed,it looks much better on you!
    ~Leann (from Static)