what i'm wearing

blogger buddies - i love seeing your outfit posts. it's so fun to see the pretty places you go and the lovely little outfits you put together. i even love the pictures you take in your homes, in the mirrors, or at arm's length. i would love to add that feature to this blog - i do have lots of yummy vintage hiding in my closet - but... it's too dang hot to get dressed!
so this is what i'm wearing, pretty much every day. i love my little uniform, but my creativity is basically on hold until photoshoot days. and in my dreams. (i come up with all kinds of amazing clothes while i'm sleeping. there's a fantasy vintage store i visit all the time, where i find all sorts of imaginary gems.)

racerback tank top: $6 at target
cutoff levi's shorty shorts: $3 thrifted
green amber necklace: gift from lucky friend who went to prague
my every-single-day belt: urban outfitters

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