speaking of rollercoasters

a day in the life of a stay-at-home etsy seller.

i started my day with early morning coffee at a local independent where if you hang out long enough, at least 10 people you know will wander in. when the thrift stores were finally open, i left my friends with all my day's tasks planned out thinking 'i love my life.' i even said it. out loud. my 'going to work' consists of chatting with buddies, then driving around with the windows down, singing my favorite songs, and hunting for goodies all over the place. it's so fun, it's really not fair.
but it's not all lattes and joni mitchell. today i was out shopping for hours and did not buy one piece of clothing. there were some things i liked, but they all ended up having stains or holes in them. after leaving the fifth or sixth store empty-handed, it gets pretty depressing. finally, at the last store, i scored a bunch of sewing stuff, which will come in perfect for a sewing adventure i have planned with one of my girlfriends (more on that later).

i loaded my new sewing basket with fabric remnants, three yards of eyelet lace, and all the vintage metal zippers i will ever need. oh, and a hooters tank top. i guess i did buy something to wear.

i got home in time for a nice lunch/whirlwind-internet-session before i had to start the photoshoot for this afternoon. it's always fun playing dress-up. but something generally goes wrong (as in, i'm usually not quite prepared), turning what should be a two hour shoot into a four hour one. it can definitely be frustrating. i wanted to give up about halfway through the shoot today, but no one else is going to do this stuff, so i plugged along. that moment where i have to be my own boss-lady is the toughest, but it's kind of exciting that i'm getting better at motivating myself.
and now, everything's done for the day (except for tearing down all the photo equipment - ugh) and i get to sit on my porch surrounded by trees while everyone else is stuck in traffic getting home from their jobs. it's all okay again.


  1. are you trying to make me cry? your morning sounds like perfection! i long for this life! here i am chained to my desk, itchin' to thrift!!

  2. Great sewing basket. Your blog post makes me say "so true"! Hunting and gathering as a profession is exhilerating but also exasperating sometimes. love the blog. Cheers