70s wood platforms, yes

something's been growing on my mind the last couple of weeks... the love for ridiculously tall and heavy 70s wood platform sandals. i found a couple to covet on my etsy search last night, and anja's post today had a wonderful pair that have already sold on ebay -- you lucky girl that got them! i'm also loving this pair of clog platforms, but they're not quite tall enough. i want 4" at least, just for the sheer silliness of being a 5'10" chick in 4" heels. it's all about the outlandishness of it all.
what do you think?

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are you a size 6? go to dolly rocker vintage

you are size 6, but you like black better? how 'bout dolly rocker vintage

maybe you're a little more practical than i and want to ease into this thing... rocky mountain retro

oh, and the pair that started it all, these like-new zodiac wedges that i just added to the shop today. le sigh....

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  1. Great platforms! I love your blog and your shop, you've got some really great stuff in there.