excuses, excuses

i'm finding it pretty hard to keep up with the blog and the shop. they are both so time-consuming (in a good way, of course). i can't wait to figure out how to do both. and that is the plan. for sure.
i had coffee with a friend (a fellow etsy shop owner -- check out she hearts vintage p.s.) last weekend which got both of us totally inspired to step it up a notch. so this week i am adding almost 30 items, and she hearts is getting into the blogging world.
all these things (some of my favorites ever, although i know i think that every week) will be trickling into the shop this week.
and i will get back to the posting. i just haven't had any time to find vintage online since i've been bringing home loads of it live and in person! more soon, i promise.


  1. Such amazing finds--especially that first dress! So lovely...

    I totally know what you mean about the balance between blogging and posting. It's so easy to fall into one or the other, even though it's beneficial to your business to do both at the same time. Arg! Keep up the good work!

    (PS I think I have a crush on your haircut...)

  2. holy cow cow cow that's a lot of stuff. that first black dress is glorious and i love that corset style striped top, and well tons of others, there are so many!! & and i know what you mean about this taking so much time, i work a full-time job and i can say i have little to NO free time now. but we can't complain, we love these clothes, huh!?

  3. That first dress is so darling.

  4. those are all very lovely!!
    esp the lighter brown boots...

  5. thanks all for your comments!

    tilted tulip - thanks for the kind words. and i definitely want to keep up with both - not just for business but for the fun of it too! the blog is so great; hearing from my readers is awesome!

    lauren - exactly. it's all for the love. i die on days i don't get to go shopping. it's kinda sick! :)

    retroliving and e: so glad you likey! keep coming back!

  6. you have great things!
    i definitely have been neglecting my store... blogging is just so distracting!