skunked again

have i mentioned how frustrating it is to be mere minutes behind a fellow vintage finder and to know that they just got everything that you would have picked had you just been there a little sooner?
when i got to the wall of dresses at my favorite secret shopping spot yesterday, i spotted a girl dressed head to toe in great vintage style working her way down the rack with an arm full of goodies. shopping today, i was just in time to see a team of vintage shoppers going through their full shopping cart of perfect 40s, 50s, and 70s pieces. i sped out of of that shopping center hoping to beat them to the next shop (which actually ended up working out quite well for me).
i read something the other day written in response to a complaint about the number of pickers out there that basically says, 'chill out - there's plenty to go around.' i'm trying to keep that in mind, remembering all the great scores i've made, while also vowing to start my days a little earlier so that i will be the one with the shopping cart full of lovely next time.
in the meantime, i'm starting to think that maybe i should just make my own vintage clothes. if i use vintage patterns, fabrics, and notions, i can have an unlimited supply of 50s blouses, 70s sundresses, and mod mini dresses.
here's what i wish i had found this morning, and if i can get my act together, what i could make for myself!

pattern from girl geek goodness

i want those shoes too! pattern here
pattern from my new favorite pattern shop zip zap kap

dress already sold by ramona west, but dying to be duplicated!

handmade dress at becky drolan, yum


  1. That is the worst! I get very jealous/competitive when I'm thrifting, if I see even one girl with a cute outfit on I start feeling nervous like I'm about to go into battle! haha.

  2. hey tracy!
    i just stumbled upon your blog days ago..
    u have a fabulous blog dear!

    and i totally agree with what you said! i could really feel the sense of loss when i see someone taking something that i'd absolutely love! the worse thing is that you're just a few minutes away! haha..

    nice meeting you! it's Sasha here by the way ^.^

  3. just reading about that experience made me unbelievably upset, when that happens to me i nearly cry, or at least i want to cry and then just run away. i also get really angry at them which is also quite ridiculous, and then, like you, try to remember there is so much out there and enough to go around, but damn, i don't want to SEE what i am NOT getting and WHO is getting it!!

  4. i know exactly how that feels! haha
    but then you never know who is looking at your store going 'damn she two steps ahead of me'


  5. apparently, yes you can! :) i will def post a pic when i finally get to wear it!
    thanks again for featuring my dress!!!

  6. How crazy, I just thrifted a handmade vintage dress the other day that had to have been made from the third pattern down.

    I love it, only they left out the pockets and I was thinking to myself when I tried it on that it should really have pockets... those lazy bastards ;)