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i can't believe it's been so many days since i've posted anything....they went by way too fast. let me catch you up on what you've missed, and then i'll get back to the really good stuff - this should be a very busy and very vintage-y week.

i woke up ridiculously early to be first in at one of the most-hopeful-for-vintage-finds estate sales i've seen listed in awhile. the sale started at 7 am, and i was there, in line, behind about 8 people, at 6:50. most of the people ahead of me were men - in fact, i think all of them were, except for....the lady that beat me to the vintage clothes rack, even though i made a straight bee-line for it. i watched as she torpedoed through the rack, too timid polite to cram myself in there with her and shop over her. when she was through, her arms were full of gorgeous vintage fabrics in all the best colors, and after a quick skim through what was left, it was obvious that she had gotten everything.
i asked her if i could at least see what she'd picked (half the fun of the hunt is just seeing all the interesting designs -- there's always something unique that i've never seen a sister of before). the biggest burn was that, as she showed off each piece, she would say, 'i think this is vintage,' 'what do you think about this one?' she didn't even know what she had!!! either that, or she knew exactly what she had and was checking to see how much i know and what kind of competition i'm going to be for her. i don't know which scenario is worse.

that yellow dress is not as shiny/crepe-y as it looks in this terrible pic. it was the most perfect butter yellow day dress that would have lived on in my closet for eternity. there was also another yellow sundress that would have looked fabulous on one of you dear readers. and, yes, that is her devil arm in the picture.
i did manage to snake one dress out from under her - it was being displayed separately - another yellow summer dress, older and more unique than anything else that she got. ha. ha. unfortunately, this one is so old and delicate, one of the shoulder straps has already fallen out of its seam. not sure yet what to do with it....maybe it can be an art piece?

you live and you learn....now i know to get to those estate sales extra early, and i'm probably going to take a partner with me next time to block the closet while i'm going through it first. it's brutal, this vintage finding.

i went thrifting later in the day to make up for my bummer of a morning, and found some amazing boots! (the thrifting gods were making it up to me, i think.) they're both size 7 1/2, and must have belonged to the same lady. lucky for y'all, they're too small for me, or i'd be keeping them! i think i'll list them in the shop next week. it may be a bit late for boots, but if i save them for the fall, it will give me too much time to figure out a way to cram my feet into them!

the red ones are etienne angier!

my man and i went to the dixon may fair, a small town event that actually still looks like an old-timey carnival. i've been wanting to go for years, and lured by the call of free all-you-can-ride wristbands from a friend, we finally went.

1975 midway pic stolen from flickr

i kind of tricked my guy into going by mentioning the ride passes, and when we got there, i told him how i don't go on most carnival rides. i have actually turned green before on the one that spins you while it tosses you while the arms go up and down - that was the last ride i had been on until saturday. all i had wanted to do was the ferris wheel, but he conned me into trying a few other rides....most were good except for 'the cyclone' which ended up being basically the same as the one that i hate but slower. it was just too much like these terrifying dreams i have where i'm connected to a string but flying higher and higher and higher. ugh. turns out, i didn't even like the ferris wheel! it was a smaller one than i've ever been on before which means the upswing is pretty fast. am i the only girl in the world who's ever been terrified on a freakin' ferris wheel? probably.
as a joke, my guy finally suggested we just go on the merry-go-round, nice and safe and fear-free. that was definitely my favorite ride of the night!

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  1. that estate sale story just made me all anxious, i am so familiar with that scene, it's horrible. i hate being all pushy and just won't do it and sometimes miss out by being so GRACEFUL. we should really learn to be total bitches at estate sales!!