the super cool vintage club

one of the reasons buying vintage is so much better than buying things new and mass-produced is that vintage things are always unique and one-of-a-kind. it is highly unlikely that you will see someone else wearing the same vintage dress as you walking down the street - not so much if you're wearing a dress from the gap, or wherever it is that people are shopping now.
but every once in a while, i do find a twin to some bit of vintage i have (probably because my whole life revolves around vintage and i see a lot of vintage everything every day).
because this is such a rare phenomenon, i think that instead of being bummed that my unique vintage item is not as unique as i thought it was, i feel more of a connection to that other piece and its owner. it's pretty cool to think that we both were lucky enough to find this awesome dress or whatever, and had the brilliant style (pat on the back) enough to pick it out from among the rest.

this 1970's owl teapot is for sale at dear golden vintage right now. i have a matching coffee mug! i imagine that they are from the same set and there is a very interesting story of the journey they took to get separated by 2000 miles. i wonder where the other mug ended up.

little byrd vintage made this adorable clutch out of curtain fabric. i have one curtain of the same design. was this the other?

missa found these old bed linens at a thrift store. those fern-and-butterfly-printed vera sheets in the top right corner are also storage-covering curtains in my bedroom! i wish i had the rest of those sheets too. and that plant covered backyard.

this is my favorite throw pillow, thrifted a few months ago. i was just studying the design the other day, wondering if i could figure out how to do it, and last week in san francisco, i saw a girl wearing this exact pattern, hand-embroidered on a sweater she had bought at anthropologie. someone there must have this same pillow!


  1. I just ordered the ruffly cotton tent dress from your Etsy shop and wanted to pop by and say hi. So excited.


  2. Hey, my sheets my sheets! Very cool to know someone out there has them too :) I am in love with that pillow of yours, I wish we had that in common as well!

  3. I came across a mug that matches the owl teapot at my landlord's house in Canada - it's such a cute design :)

  4. I've got the other owl mug. I love it.