vintage found

here’s what you need to know about me, the Vintage Finder:
  • i love all things vintage
  • i love recycling (one reason why i love vintage)
  • i hate ‘working.’ i plan on living my entire life like a retired person. (so far, so good.)
  • i am pretty darn good (lucky?) at finding awesome things in funky places
  • i have to travel or i start to wilt
  • some people say i have an internet addiction. but it’s only because i’m constantly online looking for pictures of pretty shoes things.
  • i think entering html code is a nice way to spend a morning. as long as there’s also coffee involved.
i am in the process of turning all of those facts into the ‘career’ of my dreams. career is in quotes because i actually meant ‘fun-way-to-make-enough-money-to-buy-food-and-lots-of-clothes’....i don’t believe in careers.

with this blog, i will be sharing pics of the vintage that i find, and the adventures from the trips on which i find it. i will have links to all things amazing and vintage-related (such as the shops and blogs on your right there ------>). there may be editorial-type photo shoots from time to time – such as next week, i hope, when the first one is ready(!!). and there will probably be some whining and/or helpful tips about making your dream job a reality.

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading about all your great finds, travels and shoes, er, I mean, things!