girl, i like yo style!

you can judge a book by its cover, and i often judge a blog by its title. so i knew chic and cheap was going to be right up my alley. cheap is my very favorite kind of chic!
the blog is in i'm-not-sure-what language (i think polish?; am i illiterate because i don't know this?) and the translator option makes the words even more confusing. that doesn't matter though, because the one word i do recognize on the page: vintage. most of latajaca's outfits use at least one vintage piece.
not only are the outfits great, but the pictures are creative and fun with great attention to color. and she creates pretty, artistic collages for each outfit post.
i want to find more foreign blogs to stalk so that i might improve my worldly vocabulary. for example, i think chic and cheap has taught me that spodnica means skirt. and buty is shoes!
(of course i would learn the word for shoes first.)

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  1. Ha, ha! :D Thanks a lot for this post! Indeed, spódnica means skirt and shoes are buty. And yes, these are your first words in Polish. :)
    Love your blog and your sense of humour. I will definitely get back here. :)