la la land, here i come!

tomorrow my mommy and i are going to l.a. for a few days. i imagine those days will be filled with lots of visits to vintage shops and thrift shops, and hopefully many hours lounging on the beach in santa monica.
i've spent the last few days looking through all the vintage shops in the area, trying to narrow down my list of stops to make. there are a freakin' lot of vintage shops.
i've also been reading a ton of other fashion blogs lately. all my favorites and probably 5 to 10 new ones every day. it is so inspiring (and intimidating) to look at all these others. the content and the photos are so professional looking. i think it is so amazing that if you want to be a fashion model, or photographer, or writer, or shop owner you just can, without waiting for anyone to tell you you're good enough to do it, and god damn, these girls are amazing!
i think soon i'm going to compile a bigger list of must-read blogs, although the readership on these sites shows they probably don't need a plug from little ol' me!
anyway, back to preparing for our road trip. stay tuned for lots of pics and stories from our adventure!

*photo from an old postcard a friend found for me after i spent two-and-a-half ridiculous hours trying to find one to use. don't know the link.


  1. I used to think I would hate LA, then I went and LOVED it. Did not thrift though, I imagine a very expensive and picked over experience. Tell me how it is, ok!?

  2. Isn't it crazy, and a little frustrating, how you can get sucked into the interweb for hours just trying to find that perfect image?! Been there.

    For whatever reason, my reader was not showing updates to your blog, hense all these comments at once :) I really do enjoy your posts btw.