in the valley of grass

today my love and i drove into the foothills to visit grass valley, mainly out of boredom but also because he'd never been there before. we headed to the downtown part which is a lot like most downtowns with tourist traps, restaurants, historical sites, and....antique shops!!!
we browsed through the clocksmith where i met karla of polka dot rose, a woman who knows her vintage 'stuff' and runs a beautiful blog featuring all the pretty vintage you can take.

the polka dot rose corner in the clocksmith. don't you wish that was your bedroom?

i took pictures of the things in the shop that would totally be in my home if i had found them at a thrift store instead. unfortunately for them, i'm cheap.

at another shop, i found this marianne faithfull album which reminded me that i need to check out her music.

but first, and maybe foremost, i need to find more pictures of her because they're beautiful and i plan on ripping off her style.

this one's by robert mapplethorpe ( i love). i must replicate that blouse/jumper combo.

*marianne pics stolen off flickr

after another hour spent picking goodies from my most favorite kind of book shop -- the co-op kind with tons of the most interesting and random tomes -- we split a pizza at frank's. it's obviously the best place in town because after we placed our order we watched the place fill up and heard the wait time grow from 30 minutes to 2 and 1/2 hours before it was even five o'clock. it was a damn good pineapple and mushroom pizza.
and that concludes today's adventure.

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