go get you some...huaraches

i love huaraches. and i think you probably do too. no longer wielding the yuppie miami vice man connotation, huaraches are more like the gladiator sandal of yesteryear.
see if these shoes aren't perfect for taking a summer's day bike ride in cutoffs and a camp shirt.

the basic, wear-every-day-pair

brilliant in lemon yellow to brighten your day

she hearts vintage has the essential brown ones

get them in white too from nifty thrifty owl

a turquoise blue pair to stand out a little more in awesome town

be quirky and cute in multi-colored huaraches from the factory vintage

click the pics or the links above to purchase! (the first two pairs are vintage found.)

1 comment:

  1. Oh indeed I do! In fact I just took mine off after a day of walking around town in them. I'm actually dying for multicolored ones now, love that last pair!

    I really like your blog, thanks for stopping by mine :)