on a side note

i spent the afternoon relishing in (very sophisticated) day-drinking with an out of town girlfriend.
girls beware!
we were accosted twice by ridiculous drunks thinking that since we were two girls alone we were obviously looking for some male attention.
the first one was harmless enough, giving up after a few minutes of silence blatantly protesting his existence, finally telling his buddy that we were the most unfriendly people he's ever met (as if that was supposed to make us feel bad for having him crash our intimate conversation).
the second guy, upset (that i lied) that i was married after he grabbed my hand and observed there was no wedding ring upon it, proceeded to insist that we 'need to look at both sides' before we come up with our 'ignorant' views, no matter how many times we told him that we are college-educated, well-informed constituents of the united states.
never try to hold a political conversation with a belligerently drunk horn dog!
and, probably, don't try to blog about it after a couple of pitchers of stella between friends.

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  1. I am so jealous of this! I want this day of drinking and pissing off dudes!