this isn't really vintage

what i'm about to say has nothing to do with vintage fashion. or fashion. but it is the best news i've ever heard, and i am obliged to share it with you.
someone has finally shared a recipe for the girl scouts' samoa cookie!
i know.
i missed out on them this year because my mommy didn't buy me any, and i live in the part of town that girl scouts' mommies don't allow them to go. but that is all okay now because i can make my own samoas any time of year, whenever i want them!
and now, so can you.
the recipe came from baking bites via the kitchn on apartment therapy.
to make up for this having nothing to do with anything i purport this blog to be, i've found some vintage girl scout aprons for you. the ruffled pinafore ones in the middle might be cute in a little sunny, summer afternoon, picnic outfit, no?

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