the surprise

i started this blog because i was tired of running my etsy shop and thought it would be nice to just buy vintage for other shops and not have to do all the photography and measuring and trips to the post office. while i do have fun buying more vintage and traveling around selling it, it turns out i miss running my own shop! curating my finds down to the best of the best and posing in front of my little tripod is actually pretty fun.
so i've decided to have my cake and eat it too. i'm restarting deborah jean vintage and will be listing these items (and many more) tonight and in the days to come.

p.s. part of the goodness of deborah jean vintage - i try to put only items made with natural fibers in the shop, and everything is constructed in the highest quality and virtually flawless. this ish is primo!

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  1. ohhh, i knew you'd come back into the fold! and these are really great finds! welcome back you!