shopping trip

today's shopping trip was a good one.
these first two pieces are actually night wear, but the designs are so amazing, i think they could definitely stand their own out and about.

look at those ruffles! i would love to see this in lightweight cotton fabric. it's pretty much the perfect blouse.

this is one well-designed robe. it's so gorgeous with its kimono flutter sleeves, there's no way it was supposed to just sit at home on the couch. i think i'm probably keeping this one.

pretty silk chiffon party dress in poppy orange. yum. it kind of looks like the sister to the one at ver unica.

i'm way into disco dresses lately, and this one is super sheer and the best shade of grape.

this last dress almost didn't make the cut. it's barely vintage and i feel like it is maybe too plain to sell in a vintage store. i was going to buy it for myself, but i still wasn't sure because of the color scheme -- it's a little too pastely for me. but then, the tiny buttons, and the full skirt, and the sash, and the sleevelessness of it convinced me to give it a shot since it was only $2.

when i got home, i tried it on, and i'm so glad i bought it! it might be one of my favorite dresses ever! when you do this....
...it looks like this....
....and it turns out this dress has the best fit for me. it stays pretty blouse-y above the waist, but the waist is perfectly nipped in. and the skirt is full, and just the right length, and it has pockets! i adore pockets on dresses and skirts.
much love to the thrifting gods today.


  1. damn! i wanted that second one that zips up, but you're keeping it! what is that fabric?

  2. Oh man, that last one is soooo good! The pastels are springy perfection and the shape is super cute, good call on taking it home!