shot down

the plan for today was to go to san francisco and scout out some new vintage shops.
bad news is, as i pulled up to each and every one of them, i found that they are closed on tuesdays. i guess it would have been a good idea to check on that before driving all the way there.
the good news is, i found this, the sweetest of the sweet summer dresses, at wasteland on haight. i forgot how affordable their prices are! this is made of a beautiful cotton and in really good condition and it was only $22.

now i just need two garden parties to go to so i can show this baby off -- two because i have a gorgeous sunshine yellow, braided trim, 60s wiggle dress that's been waiting patiently in the closet for warm weather and an important event.
maybe i can convince my friends to throw weddings this summer. but probably, i'll just wear these dresses grocery shopping and be the prettiest one in the produce section.

UPDATE: i actually did wear this dress to the grocery store, and it was lovely.