it's a picture post day

i can't believe i got any work done today at all, after the whirlwind internet session i embarked upon this morning! well, maybe i didn't get that much work done after all; but i suppose you could call looking at pretty pictures part of my job. (i'm going to anyway....)
somehow i got directed to we've moved on...why can't you?, an artist collective that is attempting to get back to the human-ness of art (rock on). one such artist caught my eye, and on her site i fell in love with some fashion photography she did for another magazine (one of the prettiest mags).

the shoot was styled by camille bidault-waddington. i had to see more of what she's done...she is now my number one personal hero.

camille's work is amazing and oh-so-inspiring, and her personal style is just as wonderful, turning the fanciful fun from her work into more wearable and equally pleasing to gaze upon ideas.

part of my stylist stalking led me to luyi's blog. she kicks ass at creating a strange and beautiful space in which to roam.

of the many wonderful photographers luyi exhibits, i felt called to tim barber's portfolio. it's part of a larger website called tiny vices that i didn't dare delve into yet since it seems i am probably going to get lost in there for days. and days.

thanks to all whose photos i've stolen for making my page that much prettier today. they include: lina scheynius, the fashion spot, some required, image shack, and tim barber.