this dress

yesterday i found the perfect dress. i knew immediately it would not be going into the shop. i even picked out one of my favorite dresses in my closet to substitute for this one because i felt so bad for keeping it.
but, alas, it will be going into the shop. because it doesn't fit.

life is so unfair sometimes.

new lovelies

this has been one of the busiest weeks i can remember. i've been running so hard, i actually slept for 11 hours last night - and boy did i need it! it was pretty slim pickings in the shops this week, so it took extra hours of hunting to track down these goodies, but it was worth it because they are ah-mazing. i found great everyday dresses and skirts, and some more avant garde pieces. everything was so fun to try on during the photo shoot today, i had to strike some more 'model-y' poses -- the sass was just too much to contain!
check out the shop....these babies will be arriving throughout the week. hope you likey!


coming soon...

here's the rest of last week's goodies, arriving late (again) in the shop over the next couple days.

estate sale finds

some of tomorrow's goodies came from the estate sale i went to on friday. the house belonged to a pack rat who seems to have lived many, many years by herself. most of the rooms had been decorated completely in purple - the exact same shade as these awesome t-strap heels i found there. i think it may have been her favorite color. she had also turned one whole bedroom into a closet (a woman after my own heart, indeed) filled with racks and racks of crochet-covered hangers holding mostly awful pastel 60s polyester. the clothes were actually pretty cute - girlfriend had bangin' taste up until about 1982 it looks like. i just can't buy you guys all that synthetic stuff. so here's about half the stuff i smuggled out of there - of course, i had to keep some too. the tank top is so adorable - a poly blend knit henley with tiny little whales all over! i would live in those two dresses, but i'm going to let you do it instead.
the other thing you should know about our stylish benefactor: she spilled a lot. these three knits have slight stains on the fronts of them - but the prints make up for it by being so adorable and also distracting the eye from the stain! swell!

i'm hoping to start listing this stuff in the shop tomorrow. next up...the rest of the update!


remember her?

i just caught a glimpse of one of my long lost loves.

the amazing, peter pan collared, earthy green, wildflower printed, perfect-in-every-way, 50s cotton daydress that i bought for myself but sold in the shop, is available again.
i was super excited to sell it to the lovely ms. emma, author of one of my very first favorite blogs, closet shots. you know you're doing okay when one of your style heroes is shopping from you!
well, emma found the dress a tad too long, and is selling it in her brand new etsy shop! the shop announcement claims this is just a practice round, so make sure to bookmark the shop - when she gets going, i know it is going to be awesome.
and for now, if you missed out on this dress the first time around, or are only now meeting and falling in love with her, snap her up now by clicking right here.


pretty finds

i should be fast asleep right now, but i got trapped looking through the etsy vintage pages. these beauties are the first look at what i'd like to be wearing in the fall - and, yes, i do find it absolutely ridiculous that i am thinking about fall outfits when i can barely stand to wear any clothes at all in the miserable heat wave that struck here this week.
i love the little details on the dresses and the blouse, and all three shoes just made me swoon -- those first ones especially. the vest is faux-fur, so don't hate me for including it, and it came from a shop that just opened on etsy this week which i think will definitely be one to watch out for.
now i am sleepytime. g'night!
oxfords from the greedy seagull, dress from santoki vintage, green 30s heels from easy street vintage, 50s peach blouse from siouxsiette

faux-fur vest from she loves vintage, plaid sailor dress from lethilogica, two-tone oxfords from rarae aves


new this weekend!

these items were actually supposed to be photographed last week and listed already, but i had an out-of-town guest and a case of the lazies so it didn't happen quite as planned. that means these lovelies will be listed over the weekend, and the things i was supposed to photograph on thursday will be ready on monday so that i can get back on schedule and have 20+ more items for you by this thursday! sheesh! i am so behind!
p.s. this is seriously my favorite collection yet -- i really pared my finds down to the items most likely to be found in my closet. and this first dress actually stayed in my closet for a bit before i had to get it ready to live in your closet! i love it so much i wore it to get my new driver's license photo taken last week so that i can remember it forever. or at least for the next five years.
p.p.s. click here to shop!


best. skirts. ever.

yikes! it's crazy how amazing these skirts are! that is why they deserve a whole post all to themselves!
not only are they all four in mint condition, impeccably well made (handmade, mind you!), and made of the finest, softest cotton in the most perfectly wonderful prints and colors, they are all size large! a rare find indeed.
i am wearing them folded in the back and belted to show how they are supposed to fit. i seriously contemplated keeping them all and taking them in, but it's hard to bring myself to alter perfection.
the green, the red, and the black/blue one were handmade by a very talented seamstress. they are practically couture! the waistbands can adjust from 31"-34." and they have pockets!
the brown jungle print one is store-bought and labeled size medium, but the elastic waistband stretches the same 31"-34."
i will list these all at the same time in case you want to collect all four! you can also request to reserve them in advance.
more of next week's goodies coming soon!


lack of inspiration post

today's shopping trip was a tad frustrating.
i wonder if it's my lack of inspiration that leads me to walk out of the thrift stores empty-handed, or if it's the lack of goodness in the stores that leaves me feeling uninspired. i think it's the latter, but either way, today was not good for vintage hunting.
i find on days like this that if i buy anything, it's generally for my closet and not for yours. the few clothes i buy are the ones that i'm not sure are unique enough for the shop, or extra weird things that i think might be too unique and maybe the shop is not ready for them. i bought four such skirts today -- sidenote: i want to really start doing outfit posts, so hopefully i'll show you these finds i speak of someday, properly styled so you can tell me yay or nay.
i also spend more time looking through the home stuff on these disappointing days, hoping to at least find something worth driving all over the place. i adore these new lovelies i scored for my home....
the little mirror thingy is another throwback to my mom's decor when i was a little girl. really, i should just move back home instead of trying to replicate my parents' house. the 'bread and roses' poster is the 1912 textile worker's strike slogan, and i just love the graphics. the bowls are a similar style to, but totally different from, some other ones i have, so i had to buy them. i'm working to build a completely mismatched matching set.
hopefully tomorrow will be much more satisfying in the dress and shoes department. tomorrow should also be a photoshoot day. i still have last week's pile of goodies lying around! and hopefully there will be another post too!


two returns

first of all, it's the return of me! to the blog! i have been missing for far too long. missing commenting on all the lovely blogs i adore, and missing posting anything for you lovely readers (because i was missing the energy to work on anything at all). but here i am, excited to get back to 'the grind' -- although, really, a job where all you have to do is shop for pretty things and talk about them is hardly 'the grind.'
what i'm really here to talk about is the return of the 90's. i never thought i would fall for this comeback. i was actually pretty horrified when i started noticing light wash denim and ditsy floral dresses last year around this time. and yet, somehow, all this rayon has snuck its way into my closet.
now i'm interested to see what the next trend will be... i actually bought one of those dresses with a lightweight floral skirt but what looks like a little jacket on top for next week's shop update. (i like it way more than i feel allowed to admit!) should i be putting doc marten's on my shopping list? baby tees with black binding around the collar and the sleeves? maybe i'll just get my eyebrow pierced like that girl on the real world. my mommy wouldn't let me do that in the 90's.


biggest. update. ever.

i know i said before that i would never say this again, but this week's update is so seriously the best stuff i've ever found, i can't help but say, 'here's my favorites!' i've even let each item have it's own space - no collage today!
scroll down real careful now, so that you're sure not to miss any of the magnificent dresses, or that ridiculously adorable pair of shorts with eyelet trim, the 60's handbags, or the rainbow palette of shoes. i really need to quit with the shoes, i'm aware, but you know i have an addiction!

as always, these items will be trickling into the shop over the next week.

p.s. it was also the best week ever for my closet! this dress was supposed to go into the shop, even though i gushed all over it when i found it. i was being so good - but then i put it on for the shoot today, and had to keep her. the shoes there was no question i'd be keeping. i've been on the hunt for t-strap heels since high school, and i finally found some that are me! and they are capezios - the real deal dancin' shoe! i'm in love.....