two returns

first of all, it's the return of me! to the blog! i have been missing for far too long. missing commenting on all the lovely blogs i adore, and missing posting anything for you lovely readers (because i was missing the energy to work on anything at all). but here i am, excited to get back to 'the grind' -- although, really, a job where all you have to do is shop for pretty things and talk about them is hardly 'the grind.'
what i'm really here to talk about is the return of the 90's. i never thought i would fall for this comeback. i was actually pretty horrified when i started noticing light wash denim and ditsy floral dresses last year around this time. and yet, somehow, all this rayon has snuck its way into my closet.
now i'm interested to see what the next trend will be... i actually bought one of those dresses with a lightweight floral skirt but what looks like a little jacket on top for next week's shop update. (i like it way more than i feel allowed to admit!) should i be putting doc marten's on my shopping list? baby tees with black binding around the collar and the sleeves? maybe i'll just get my eyebrow pierced like that girl on the real world. my mommy wouldn't let me do that in the 90's.


  1. I am shocked how fast the 90s fashion has come back on the scene. I never thought that i would desire 90s floral dresses again! What is wrong with me i ask my self....!

  2. Oh I hear you. I've been noticing the tiny florals and denims... it was only a matter of time.

  3. The 90's are back, I think we just need to embrace it ... Floral prints, scrunchies, and baby doll tees for all!