new this weekend!

these items were actually supposed to be photographed last week and listed already, but i had an out-of-town guest and a case of the lazies so it didn't happen quite as planned. that means these lovelies will be listed over the weekend, and the things i was supposed to photograph on thursday will be ready on monday so that i can get back on schedule and have 20+ more items for you by this thursday! sheesh! i am so behind!
p.s. this is seriously my favorite collection yet -- i really pared my finds down to the items most likely to be found in my closet. and this first dress actually stayed in my closet for a bit before i had to get it ready to live in your closet! i love it so much i wore it to get my new driver's license photo taken last week so that i can remember it forever. or at least for the next five years.
p.p.s. click here to shop!

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