pretty finds

i should be fast asleep right now, but i got trapped looking through the etsy vintage pages. these beauties are the first look at what i'd like to be wearing in the fall - and, yes, i do find it absolutely ridiculous that i am thinking about fall outfits when i can barely stand to wear any clothes at all in the miserable heat wave that struck here this week.
i love the little details on the dresses and the blouse, and all three shoes just made me swoon -- those first ones especially. the vest is faux-fur, so don't hate me for including it, and it came from a shop that just opened on etsy this week which i think will definitely be one to watch out for.
now i am sleepytime. g'night!
oxfords from the greedy seagull, dress from santoki vintage, green 30s heels from easy street vintage, 50s peach blouse from siouxsiette

faux-fur vest from she loves vintage, plaid sailor dress from lethilogica, two-tone oxfords from rarae aves


  1. I woke up at five am this morning and read this post on my blackberry, and now I am dying for those english oxfords but they aren't my size! now I am on a serious hunt for those shoes in my size. you always find THE CUTEST stuff. the green ones are amazing too!

  2. Hi, this comment is for Olivia Rae; these shoes are from my site and I wanted to let you know that the company, Anello and Davide is still in business in London and takes bespoke orders. If you email them a picture of this shoe they might be able to make it in your size! It will be expensive, but really worth it. I am so desperate for these that I might have some made for my self! Their site is www.anellodavide.com Good luck!

  3. Many nights I've stayed up looking through Etsy pages! Thanks so much for your comment! I love your blog and your Etsy shop! :o)

  4. wow, thanks so much!! I am on my way to their website right now!