hey 'frisco!

i just got home from dropping these few little goodies off at ver unica in san francisco.

lovely 70s leather spring sandals. brazilian on the left. cherokees on the right!!

a terrible photo of three gorgeous nipped-waist party dresses

ver unica is a beautiful little shop run by a sweet-as-pie husband-wife team. there's a rack in the back of the store of museum-worthy pieces most of us should be lucky enough to touch, let alone wear. the jewels case is stocked almost exclusively with 'signature pieces' -- if you wanna stand out, you got it. they have another store around the corner, encore vintage, filled with shoes, shoes, and more shoes. my weakness.
if you're in sf, go there now. otherwise, put ver unica on your list of san francisco landmarks to site-see, you know, right after the golden gate, but before anything else.

other highlights of the trip:
  • the view of the city on a cloudless blue sky backdrop as spyed from the secret attic in my friends katie and allan's place
  • the monstrous veggie burritos we took home from taqueria cancun in the mission
  • the bald guy with the 415 tattoo on the back of his neck i spotted in hayes valley this morning
p.s. san franciscans hate the name 'frisco.' beware.

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