how to rock a maxi dress

the beauties behind violet folklore are blowing my mind. they reconstructed this maxi dress into a magical masterpiece!
it's been bothering me that so many maxis are being chopped into minis (although i can't really talk because i'm doing it too) -- what happens next year when we want floor length again? this way, you can play with the dress a little and have it short this year, then let the seams out and have it long again later!

i'm cooing over here.

click here for the listing.


  1. Shoot, that isn't a maxi, that's short! Can you rock those real long maxi dresses? It's hard! What's interesting is that right now almost anything goes in fashion, but a maxi dress? Still oddly hard to pull off and rarely seen...wonder why?

  2. Those violet folklore girls are amazing aren't they?