what better way to wait

while i am waiting for my steamer to heat up so i can prepare for the photoshoot today, and waiting for the postman to deliver my new shoes so i can wear them in the photoshoot today, i thought i would share some of the amazing photographs i just found.
i probably should have saved them and used them in separate posts with relevant words to go with them, but they are just so pretty, i think they speak for themselves.

all photos taken from the 50s to the 70s by richard avedon and frank horvat. did you notice some familiar faces? there's verushka, twiggy, and audrey hepburn in there!


  1. I love the one with the girl with the scarf over her face. Yay for new shoes in the mail!


  2. Love love love #3 and #13.

  3. It was so fun reading this post knowing that the shoes you are waiting for a from me!!!! Here is the tracking # in case you wait to busier yourself with hawking it while you wait!
    0307 1790 0005 5187 6638 (USPS)