meet brown bag vintage

well, good golly gee, it's been a long time since i posted pictures of other people's vintage. bad tracy. i've been saving up a bunch of 'favorites' to show you from shops i found via twitter (now that i'm actually using my twitter page). but now i've waited so long, the goods have just piled up, so i'm going to dose you with installments of beauty. first up, the magnificent brown bag vintage.

basically, i want everything in this shop. she posts those great vintage pieces that new clothing designers wish they could rip off.

and please check out the amazing shoe section! there's almost forty pairs of the most to-die-for soles...you're bound to find something you have to have.

now, really, get on twitter. i've found so many amazing vintage shops there that i can't wait to show you!
and if you ever wonder what i'm doing when this blog lays sleeping for days at a time (which i'm sure you have been pondering incessantly), follow me on twitter! i keep that up to date more regularly, and i tell you, it is quite exciting!


  1. aw shucks! thanks for the spotlight, tracy! glad i stumbled upon your shop (and blog) via twitter as well! .. and there are so so so many sweet little vintage shops out there, it's so hard to keep up! yay for tweets!

    xo michelle
    (brown bag vintage)

  2. *groan* more shoes to lust for and must i really get on twitter so there'd be more things to lust and not ever own? :P

  3. OooOooooOoo What pretty pink shoes you have :)



  4. those are great! i accidentally stumbled upon this shop a couple of months ago an dkeep checking back for new stuff.

  5. so nice...i can't wait to see what other gems you've found!

  6. hey there, just found your site and you have so many great things here! i was wondering what brand/or where you got those tan boots? they are so adorable, and exactly what i've been looking for this fall! :) thanks!

  7. Hi! I've just given u the “The Honest Scrap" award. Check it out on my blog. www.afreshvtg.etsy.com

  8. i mean www.afreshvtg.blogspot.com heh.

  9. Nice post! Love your blog.