pretty things

i am loving the colors and prints in these pretty pretty pics. i've been scrolling up and down, looking at all these pictures together, trying to think of a way to explain why i picked them all and what they have in common, but all i can think is to keep scrolling up and down because by the time i get to the last pic, i miss looking at the first pic, and vice versa.
enjoy, but try not to get stuck!

two beautiful photos from the painfully hip design collective's latest photoshoot. the first pic was taken in my local foreign goods bazaar, a place where i could (and do) spend hours looking around. the second pic may as well have been taken in my bedroom. the difference is i've got everything but the green walls and gorgeous dress, and my grey cat is cuter.

the most perfect outfit post i've seen all week, from one of my newer blog-reads cazimi. that tangerine cardigan looks extra sweet in front of those pretty blue flowers.

a photo from the glamourai's cover story in the new style sample magazine. the free online mag is for and about fashion bloggers so check it out! doesn't the glamourai look more like a porcelain doll than a real live girl?

1974 christian dior ad in l'officiel via tfs. the best news all day: french publisher jalou (l'officiel, jalouse, muteen) has archived all issues of their magazines for free here. good luck ever getting anything done again.

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  1. Thanks!
    I love the photo in the market! The whole painfully hip collective concept is great. Gonna have to bookmark that.