try again

please tell me to stop if these outfit posts don't get better soon! nicely, of course. i'm sensitive.

this picture was taken the day before laundry day last week. laundry day usually happens about two weeks after it should, but i have a lot of clothes, so usually i can get away with it. this time, i was running out of options though, so i had to get a little creative.
i took this dress out of my do-something-with-it-so-its-wearable-again pile. it's an old esprit dress i thrifted many moons ago so the viscose is all stretched out and the scoop neck scoops too low. so i threw it on backwards and belted it to make it a little shorter. i'm clever!

dress: thrifted $3
belt: uo $30
shoes: thrifted, vintage $3

oh! and the real reason for this post: i've joined chictopia. and i'm feeling pretty lonely on there with only two friends. if you are chictopian, please add me!


  1. The dress looks great like that, very resourceful!

  2. after reading your post I joined Chictopia and added you as a friend!! I'm just doing it for fun.. but I really like it!