guten tag

well hello, easiest tag ever! nice to meet you! the lovely miss lauren has tagged me again with the super fun task of sharing my favorites from etsy. since this is one of my favorite kinds of posts to do anway, i was already prepared.
here's just a few of my favorites, which definitely seem to be sticking to a pattern -- blue dresses, lots of florals, and some lovely vintage swimwear... i'm especially smitten with these bathing suits, but i can't cheat on the awesome, never-worn one i found thrifting last month that was obviously made for nobody but me.
p.s. pardon the crap writing here today, i've been sick in bed since friday. it sucks.

now let's see what mavera, starr, and priscilla have in their favorites!


  1. I'm very excited that my tag is getting around! I love your choices - esp the one by hihlo studio!

  2. that bright blue dress from JessJamesJake is ALSO on my favorites! and I realize that this post is dangerous because someone could just go scoop up one of your favorites!

    i hope you feel better soon!